japanese food

September 21, 2017

Japan Center’s new store is bringing depachika back to London!

Last week, the Japan Centre re-opened it’s door to lovers of Japanese cuisine in London. The beautifully designed new premise transports customers back to the old …

February 9, 2017

How to Date a Japanese Person – 7 Tips to Avoid Awkward Dates

Dating someone outside of your culture can bring sensitive situations. Make sure that everything goes smoothly on your date with your potential partner with these 7 Tips …

December 10, 2016

Our Top 5 Oishii Ramen Noodle hangouts in London

See The Top 5 Ramen Noodle hangouts in London and see our Nakama Giveaway to help you make the Tastiest Ramen from Home see it at the end of …

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