February 16, 2017

Meet Hikari – She is Amazon Alexa + SIRI + An Anime Girlfriend All-In-One!

So this happened recently or rather she happened, meet Hikari Azuma, a holographic Artificial Intelligence Gatebox. Recently arriving on the scene to uniquely rival (Dominate) other …

February 15, 2017

9 Anime Memories! Nakama’s Epic and Tear-Jerking Flashbacks – Number 6 was SO unexpected!

Our Nakama, just like you, have our favorite moments in Anime! They made us laugh, they made us cry they made us want to go to …

December 14, 2016

6 STEP GUIDE TO: Having an Anime Style Adventure in Japan like the CEO of Japan Nakama

People think that we exaggerate when we compare Japan Nakama CEO to One Piece anime character Luffy, so here’s a 6 Step guide from his own …

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