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So, What’s Sushi Go Party all about?


You are dining À La Carte at a deluxe sushi feast. Before you eat,
you must first create your own menu from a wide variety of
delectable options. Then try to score the most points over three rounds by
grabbing the best combinations of cards before they whiz by!

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How to Win a Sushi Go Party Game

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Sushi Go Party – The Nakama Review

Turns in Sushi Go Party! Happen simultaneously. Each player chooses 1 card in their hand they would like to keep and
places it face-down in front of them. When all players have done this, everyone reveals their chosen cards by turning them face-up.

After revealing cards, pass your remaining hand face-down to the player on your left.
(In this way, each hand will move clockwise around the table.) Pick up this new hand and the next turn begins.
(You will have a smaller hand to choose from.)

Note: Face-up cards remain with you until the end of the round, when they are scored.
As you accumulate cards, group them together in columns of the same colour.

Keep the cards with the Highest Points

Getting Through a Round

When all of the cards have been played and everyone’s hand is empty the round is over. First place any dessert cards off to your side. (Keep them there until the end of the game, which is when they are scored. The strawberry icon in the lower-left corner of all the dessert card is a reminder of this.)

Next, score all the other cards you have played this round. Each card type scores in a different way as described in the ‘Card Guide’. Move your pawn along the score track on the game board, showing how many pints you scored in the round.

All cards, except for played dessert cards, are then collected and re-shuffled together. (Remember to add in a new set of dessert cards according to the round.) Start the next round, which plays just like previous.

Ending The Game (And Your Friends!)

When you have played 3 rounds, the game is over. In addition to regular scoring, be sure to also score your dessert cards, as described in the ‘Card Guide’. Whoever has the most points is the winner! If there is a tie, the payer with the post dessert cards wins.

Final Words

Overall we had a great time playing Sushi Go Party with our Nakama (Friends and Colleagues), it’s a great game to play if you love Japan, food and parties We managed to share some actual Sushi and Sake while playing with loads of giggles.

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