Japan Center’s new store is bringing depachika back to London!

September 21, 2017

Last week, the Japan Centre re-opened it’s door to lovers of Japanese cuisine in London. The beautifully designed new premise transports customers back to the old depachika of Tokyo (except cleaner!). Depachika, if you don’t already know, is the bottom floor of a Japanese department store, the basement to you and me.

“The sake biraki was a treat, even though it wasn’t January! “

The Depachika – an amalgam of “depato”, a department store, and “chika”, a basement – fills the whole basement floor of the central London premise. There is quality sashimi and sushi, a sozai deli and hand pulled udon from a yatsai stall!

The tea room, located on the lower ground floor hosts an abundance of Japanese tea leaves, available to be picked up by the gram and the overwhelming smells drifting through the tea room and miso room transport the visitor a long way away.

This Wednesday, one of the Nakama team popped down to the centre to witness the Kagami Biraki! This Sake ceremony is famous in Japan and everyone in attendance was thrilled to see it. In the run up to this auspicious moment, there were drums…Taiko drummers! The four-piece ensemble, in traditional kimono, performed at a breakneck pace and with great intensity. Sake ceremonies traditionally fall around new year at the breaking of the Mochi.


We’re all for seeing more depachika popping up around London,
but in the meantime, why not pop over to Panton Street or follow them on Instagram @JapanCentre.


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